Google Ads is the highest converting ads software ever
Wether your a startup or a massive corporation, you should be excelling on Googls Ads.

Reach the Right Audience at the Right Time

Organic search traffic from Google is free, and let’s face it, free is a pretty good price. While this is very true, you may not know that google ads convert 50% better than organic traffic. Thats right, 50% better! Google reports that most businesses see a 200% return on investment from it's ad platform. PPC campaigns are so succesful because Google gives us lots analytical data, which in return allows you to optimize many aspects of your campaign to achieve better results. PPC is perfect for small companies just starting with effectively no SEO, , as well as giant corporations trying to expand, and most businesses in between. Many marketers believe that Google Ads is the most effective marketing platform ever created, and at WMS we agree unconditionally.

Our PPC Process

Our 5 step PPC process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

Discover Opportunities

This is the “getting to know you” phase, where we’ll learn everything we can about your business and your goals. This includes competitive research and keyword research. We evaluate where you are now, we take a look at your competition, we study your buyers, and we evaluate your current tactics

  • Keyword research: Define potential target keywords.
  • PPC audit: If you are currently advertising on Google, we will evaluate performance
  • Competitive analysis: Define PPC competitors.
  • Budget estimation: Evaluate budget to appear in number one spot.
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I'm sure most of you know this by now, but just to reiterate, not every business is the same. In fact no business is the same. Google Ads allows for many different types of advertisments. Most people tend to think of search ads which appear at the top of search engine results pages, but these aren't the only type of ads Google supports, and depending on your business model these may not be the only solution. The strategy phase is where the big picture starts to come together as we strategize how to run a succesful PPC campign for your business.

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Campaign Setup

This is the phase were the ads start rolling. We will either guide you through the Google Ads setup process, or we can complete it for you, either way works. Once your account is setup, as well as all the prerequisites (Google Analytics, Google My Business, etc.), then we will run your first ads!

  • Prerequisites setup: Google Analytics, Google My Business, etc.
  • Google Ads setup: You can either do this in house, or we can do this for you.
  • Ad creation: After the account is setup, its time to run your first advertisment!
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This is the important stage, and usually where businesses make mistakes and fail. The dream of "set it and forget it" is a myth. Our efforts from this stage on will always be about optimizing your ads so your business recieves a better ROI.

  • Split Testing: We will run multiple ads and weed out the ones that aren't performing.
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) optimization: We will optimize your ads to gain user clicks.
  • Bounce Rate Optimazation: A high bounce rate could mean many things, we will deduce this abismal problem
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Analysis and Reporting

The best thing about Google Ads is the data it gives us every single day about our ads and their performance. We will help you to interpret this data to improve the marketing efforts of your company.

  • Monthly Overview: Monthly overview of your PPC campaigns health.
  • Weekly Report: Weekly overview with microdata in comparison to monthly overview.
  • Daily Report: This is only for our big spenders, and is available upon request.
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Services We Provide Under PPC

Google Ads Account Management

We will manage your Google Ads account as well as assist you with initial setup if your are new to the platform.

Split Testing

We will continutally split test ads to weed out ads with low CTR's, this also allows us to find the ads that are working.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversions are what all businesses seek from Google Ads, WMS will help your company direct users through the marketing funnel, ending with a sale.

Bounce Rate Optimization

Most marketers cringe when they see high bounce rates. So do we. We help your ad campaigns by reducing bounce rates with ease.