Web Development

Custom Website Design for Better Impact

Originally founded by two friends who were disappointed with the haryana web development community, so we decided to make an impact. By offering simple HTML websites with SEO in mind, we can deliver faster more responsive and unique web designs for our users. BLM rarely uses content management systems such as WordPress or Wix to build our sites, read about the advantages of HTML here.

Our Web Development Process

Our 4 step Web Development process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

Discover Opportunities

Learn about the client's business, website, and competitors in order to provide you clear documentation to be used throughout all other stages of the project.

  • Design Research: Color palettes, material design, framework choices, and many more.
  • Approach: Decide which approach to go with, wether it be a template, or fully custom site.
  • Customer Consultation: This is where we get all your ideas and try to implement as many as we can with good judgement.
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Design Mockups

Mockups are blueprints for a website. Before an inch of code is written, we will have a designer make a mockup, or multiple, to ensure a flush product before getting into the development stage. This mockup will be given to you and any revisions you want to make can be made before the site launches.

  • Revisions: We allow for multiple revisions if you are not satisfied with something or would like minor changes.
  • Full-Color Mockups: Many companies only do black and white mockups, not us!
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Coding And Development

Once the mockup is approved by our customer we will begin to develop the website using HTML and CSS. We usually do not use content management systems such as WordPress and such, this allows for optimal page speeds and many more benefits.

  • Developer Consultation: Before we begin coding the website you will recieve a consultation from our development team.
  • Template Websites: Template sites are great for small to medium sized businesses. You can customize any feature you want, and allows us to provide a quick result.
  • Custom Site: Custom sites are only necesary for big businesses and tech companies.
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Launcing and Hosting

Many businesses believe this is the final stage to being succesful in the online space, which is completely wrong. Launching is only the beginning. Launching your site includes:

  • Domain Purchasing: We can help you purchase a domain name if needed.
  • Hosting: We will help you host your websites with https and ssl certificates.
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