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Website Design And Development

Web design and development is usually the first step in launching a digital marketing effort, this is why it is absolutely crucial that this step not be taken lightly. At BlueLight Media Technologies we design exceptional user interfaces (UI) that urge users to take the suggested action. Wether it’s to read your blog, call your phone, fill out a contact form, or download a pdf file, WMS can help you convert users into customers by following design patterns and industry best practices that are proven methods.

Google announced 2 years ago that website that are mobile responsive will be shown preference being indexed on their search engine.Our websites are all optimized for all devices including tablets and mobile

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Search Engine Optimization

Industry leader Moz defines SEO as the practice of increasing both the quality and quantity of website traffic, as well as exposure to your brand, through non-paid (also known as "organic") search engine results. Sounds easy right? Wrong! Google and other search engines rank websites based on a multitude of factors, and with the search algorithms changing everyday, sometimes it can be hard to stay focused and figure out what is actually working.

SEO can be challenging at times because Google doesn’t explicitly state what to do to rank well. This is why ranking well can be difficult. BLM implements SEO paradigms that work and have been tested in the past and have been proven to work.

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Competitor Research

Competitor research can be quite overwhelming, especially in the initial stages. A simple look into the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) for a keyword relevant to your business can educate you to whom your biggest competitors are. BLM uses many tools such as MOZ, SemRush, Screaming Frog, and many more, to analyze your market, and see where your competitors are slacking. These tools give us lots of data, which in return can give us a deep understanding of where your competitors are killing it, as well as where they could be doing better.

Any worthwhile marketing effort succeeds or fails in this stage. Market research is a vital part to any campaing, and without knowledge on the subject, it can become very easy to wast countless hours on unwarranted research efforts.

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On/Off SEO

On-page SEO is all of the tweaks and optimizations that get made to a given webpage on a website. This includes things like title and heading optimization, anchor tag optimization, content creation, meta-tag optimization, and much more. Google is always adapting it's algorithms, which means your website should adapt as well! On-page SEO can be vital to the success of a website in Googles SERP.

Off-page SEO consists of all of the backend efforts that get made to rank a website high on Google or other search engines. This usually means link bulding and local listings presence.

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A website that doesn't convert users is useless. Wether your trying to gain more traffic for your blog, get more leads for your business, or create a reliable email marketing list, BLM can help your business make users take the suggested action with exceptionally designed websites and great user experiences (UX).

Many businesses and websites fail to make their suggested action clear. Our team of developers and marketers will help to urge consumers into the preferred direction.

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We Offer Web Design and SEO Services

In Order to drive business you have to be found, you probably found us by typing in Haryana SEO or Haryana Web Design. Our SEO/L process has already proven to you, just by getting you this far that it works. We provide thorough due diligence and research with each job we take on, we study your industry and learn it better than we know our own. It is when we understand your industry that we can make the consciousness decisions to meet your digital marketing goals.

Haryana Web Design

We noticed in order to receive optimal results with SEO, that we must start with a brand new website. We begin with a light weight wireframe, which is the blueprint of your website, from there we will then create a full mockup or an upscale model with full colors and media. Once you have approved those steps, we will finally begin to develop your website using html and bootstrap for optimal performance.

Your website is the most vital part of your digital marketing campaign, that is because your website will receive the majority of the traffic from all you different digital marketing channels, it is the top of your marketing funnel. Here is what Google does when its crawls and ranks your website:

  • Google discovers your website
  • Google looks your title
  • Google looks at your description
  • Google looks at your image ALT text
  • Google looks at your content

Learning about all the ways that google crawls through your website can be overwhelming, you can learn about all that right here. That is why you should let us help you with all your web design and development needs in Houston.

SEO Company That Differs From the Competition

Web Marketing Solutions offers an array of services in Houston from SEO, Web Development, Social Media Marketing, and Google Ads. Choosing a digital marketing agency in Haryana can be difficult, hiring a third party digital marketing agency to advertise your business is a big decision. Thats why you must pick a dependable SEO company in Houston that offers expert SEO services at a competitive and affordable price. We began our company after noticing our former company was spending an arm and a leg on a defective digital marketing agency. Thats when we saw an opening to offer businesses a competitive, dependable and affordable Digital Marketing services in Haryana.