Boost your E-commerce Sales in a Few Steps!

Boost your E-commerce Sales in a Few Steps!

You have a great business idea. You create a website. You add an online store with all the products and services that you want to sell. But, how do you sell? 

The goal of every e-commerce website is the same at the end of the day- to make more and more sales. But in the abundance of online shops essentially providing similar products, it is crucial to have a strategy that makes you stand out in the crowd. As the technological revolution advances, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep the attention of the customer fixated on your website. Abandoned carts are the biggest issue e-commerce websites are facing currently. While it can be tricky to determine the exact reasons for that, you can take a few steps to make sure that your e-commerce game is on point!

  • Designing a Sales-Oriented E-commerce Website

The first thing you need to ensure while creating an online shop is that the webpage is easily navigable. Your customers can be visiting your website at any time of the day- during work-time commute, lounging in the evening or a pre-bed scroll. Your website should be easy to go through while requiring minimal efforts from the customers’ end. Especially when the customer needs something specific. Pay special attention to where you position the search bar and what search algorithms you implement. Research on words that are popularly used by people on the internet to describe the products you specialize in. Additionally, the list of recommendations appearing on the search bar should be key-word specific so that the visitor does not lose patience in trying to look for what they need. 

  • Upsell your products

Talking about search bar recommendations, there’s another trick you can use to sell a slightly more profitable product than what the consumer was originally looking for. When a customer searches for a certain product, you can add in your recommendation based on higher quality, better material or even a bulk order to save money. You can provide your customer with a comparison chart to show them why your recommendation is better to aid their decision-making process. However, be considerate about the consumer’s original price range while making the recommendation. Your recommendation must have a very specific selling point that is much better than the customer’s original choice in order to convince them to opt for the higher-priced product.

  • Promote on Social Media

Social Media Marketing is a crucial step regardless of whether the sales are made offline or online. However, the integration of hyperlinks and call-to-actions are an added advantage for e-commerce websites. Plus, you will be using much less resources than what you would spend on traditional advertising methods. To have an optimized social media promotion strategy, first research on where your target customers are. Then, create content specific to the social media platforms you are promoting your products on based on the purpose of the platform. Use popular hashtags, create share-able content and lastly, collaborate with people who can boost your sales. 

  • PPC Marketing

Customers are more likely to trust web pages that appear on the first page of a search engine’s results for their choice of keywords. To make sure that your company is where it needs to be, invest in Pay Per Click Marketing. Pay Per Click marketing is the process through which companies bid for premium space on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The best part of the marketing is that you only have to pay when a customer clicks on your webpage. This way, you only spend resources when you have visibility. Moreover, you can combine organic keyword marketing with PPC advertising to create an all-rounded Search Engine Marketing strategy. Want to know how? Read here

  • Remind them through E-mail Marketing

If you also face the problem of abandoned carts on your e-commerce website, you can send a reminder to the customer. For that, you’d need the customer to sign in on your webpage first and provide an email address that could be used to contact them. Do take the consent of the customers before using their email address as it is a criminal offence to contact someone without their permission in many countries. After that, when your tracking tools pick up on abandoned carts, you can send them an email talking about the products in the cart. 

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