Why do you need to combine your SEO and PPC strategies?

Why do you need to combine your SEO and PPC strategies?

Why do you Need to Combine your SEO and PPC Strategies? 

In the last few years, India has seen a rapid incline in digital marketing trends. Many companies have started including presence on digital platforms as part of their marketing strategy. Digital marketing is a great way for brands to gain visibility while using limited resources. One of the key factors of digital presence is to be where your customers are. Thanks to tracking tools and media analytics, brands can now reach their customers on the various social media platforms they use. But to achieve maximum visibility, brands also need to be present when a customer is searching for a service they can offer.

This where SEO and PPC advertising comes in!

People type in words and phrases on a search engine to generate a list of relevant web pages online. If your brand offers the services the people are looking for or you can help solve their query, it is important for you to be visible on the first page of results. The strategic approach taken to appear on the top of search engine results is known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM practices revolve around increasing your website’s visibility on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

To achieve all-rounder results in Search Engine Marketing, brands can combine their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising strategies for maximum audience engagement. SEO and PPC are two related segments of the digital marketing game. If combined with perfection, they can yield results in the form of leads, sales and revenues. Both tools enhance visibility and can be combined to have more control over your brand’s targeted marketing.

How are they both different?

Both SEO and PPC advertising work towards the goal of increasing visibility, generating leads and earning revenues under the Search Engine Marketing umbrella. While SEO plays a huge role in organic marketing, PPC ensures that your advert is on the top of search results, above organic content. Apart from that, brands have to pay for PPC every time someone clicks on their website landing page. But in the case of SEO organic marketing, brands do not have to pay for visitors. There is a spike of visitors on a brand’s website landing page during the tenure of the PPC campaign, which drops significantly once the marketing is over. While in SEO strategies, it takes time to gain momentum but once you start seeing results, it’s rare for that to drop instantaneously.

Why combine them?

The similarity between PPC and SEO is that they are both driven by keywords. Once you start combining both techniques for your brand’s SEM, it will improve your rankings significantly on the search results page. Bidding PPC ads on the same keywords that you use on your website’s content will allow your advert to appear near the top of the results page when someone types the particular keyword in the search bar. Optimizing a website and strategizing PPC can ensure your content’s visibility in search results and can result in clicks.

The other benefit of combining the two strategies is that if someone ignores the PPC adverts on the top of the results page and instead scrolls to the organic listings, your brand will be present there too. This adds to double the exposure than using one of the strategies. It also adds into your reputation since the searcher can see your brand’s name multiple times on the same search results.

Targeting the correct words and phrases is necessary to win the Search Engine Marketing game and increase visibility. Keyword search takes time and effort. The only way to find out which keywords work for your brand is through continual trials and errors. By creating a combined keyword strategy for SEO and PPC marketing, you will elevate your brand’s awareness and gain valuable customers. The only thing you have to ensure is that you keep track of what’s working for your brand and how you can improve your keyword usage. Luckily, BlueLight Media can help you with your SEO and PPC queries and needs. Visit https://bluelightmedia.in/our-services/ to know how we can be of your service!

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